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Kirsty's Bird Sanctuary & Wildlife Rehabilitation INC!

Registered & Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators

Our Dream! - Our dream is to create the most serene an tranquil environment possible, for the calming rehabilitation and successful release of our local wildlife in need.To provide a safe an suitable environment that provides nesting sites and sustainable food sources for animals to thrive for many years to come. Set in the hills of Minden, we may only have 2.5 acres to play with but we will make the most out of every centimeter possible. With large farming properties surrounding our boundaries we aim to improve and enhance the lives of animals in need.

Future Plans & Wish List!

- Foot Bridge to Connect the New Aviary Complex over the Gully to the rest. Quote: $3584.90

- New Horse/Stable Shelter. Quote $ 4144.80

- Full Paddock Perimeter Fencing in Secure Predator Proof Style 6 Foot High with 2 Gates. Quote $ 17226.00

- New Holding/Stable Yard Fencing. Quote $ 8767.00

- 2 Feature Garden Arches Over the Bridge. Quote $ 1321.10

- Water Bird Rehabilitation Enclosure. Quote $1300

- R-com max20 Incubator $550.00

- R-com Brooder ICU Humidy Crib Large $1242

- R-com Brooder ICU Humidy Crib Medium $987 x2

- R-com Mini Incubator/Brooder $185.00

- AFP Little Buddy Heart Beat Sheep $29.95 + $10.95 postage

- Vetafarm Crop Needle Set $131.95 + $12.95 postage

- Reptile Cage/Acrylic Enclosure $28.70 + $6.48 postage

- Digital 24 Egg Incubator by Janoel $119.50

- Cosy Heat Pad $84.59 x2

- 3000L Round Polly Water Tank $852 (Capital Tanks)

- Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad $72.99

- Freeman Cage Net on Extension Pole $107.65 x2

- Dual Release Catch Pole $99.75 x2

- Westinghouse 420L Upright Freezer $1799.00

- 29ft x 8ft Greenhouse $4428

- Capital Tank 2000 gallon $1466

- Capital Tank 3500 gallon $2025

- Assorted Fruit trees $20-$60ea